Captain America occupies a special place in comic book fans’ hearts. He’s honest and sincere. He’s a protector. His ego never gets in the way. His moral judgment is unimpeachable. He’s the best of us. He’s what we mean when we say “good.”

So Marvel’s latest twist on Cap feels pretty damn painful to a lot of fans. At the end of Marvel’s all new Captain America #1, he utters two words that totally change Marvel history: Hail Hydra.

The idea is that from the beginning, Steve Rogers has actually been the most covert, most dangerous Hydra plant in the Marvel universe. It’s easily one of the biggest twists in comic book history, and Captain America writer Nick Spencer assured Entertainment Weekly that it is the real Steve Rogers — no mind control, no clones, no imposters, just the real deal.

He’s an inspiring figure, somebody who brings people together  Spencer said.

Everybody here obviously gets that. What you hope is that this story, in its own very different way, highlights those things and only continues to elevate the character in importance, and only serves to illustrate how powerful that symbol is.

Not surprisingly, fans are not pleased.

It didn’t take long for the hashtag #SayNoToHYDRACap to surface, leading to epic levels of fan venting. It was called lazy, mean, greedy, and much more. Even the movie version of Cap chimed in.

Now obviously this whole Cap Nazi thing is bad. We can’t have a Nazi Captain America. It just doesn’t work. But before you jump on the bandwagon, remember this is the comic book world, and the MARVEL comic book world at that. I’m not saying they get a pass because comic books aren’t serious. I’m saying hold your horses because this isn’t the first time things have gotten weird for Cap, and everything in comics is eventually reversed.

In the history of the character, Captain America has been a werewolf more than once…

Wait, Captain America's Been a Nazi the Whole Time?
Wait, Captain America's Been a Nazi the Whole Time?

He’s been a vampire…

Wait, Captain America's Been a Nazi the Whole Time?

He’s gotten high on meth and beaten up his fellow Avengers…

Wait, Captain America's Been a Nazi the Whole Time?

And, of course, he died…

Wait, Captain America's Been a Nazi the Whole Time?


All of this is to say, this too shall pass.

Whatever scheme Spencer is cooking up in the issues to come, we’re pretty sure the whole Nazi Cap thing isn’t going to stick for too long. If you want to dig deeper into the reasoning behind the big twist, this deep dive might help. But for now, assume Cap will be back to his good ol’ flag-waving self by the 4th of July.

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