Elon Musk Deleted Facebook Pages Of His SpaceX And Tesla

How It Started?

In a tweetstorm surrounding the #DeleteFacebook movement, Musk has made one of his usual impetuous moves and deleted the Facebook pages for both Tesla and SpaceX. You know, the official ones with close to 3 million followers each.

Then he replied!

Afterward, one of Musk’s followers suggested Musk would delete SpaceX’s Facebook page if he was really “the man”. Of course, you know the SpaceX founder can’t resist a cheeky challenge.

Another suggested Tesla should go too, to which Musk agreed, saying it was too boring to keep up anyway.

Its Gone Now!

Of course, everyone thought it was all fun and games. Until it wasn’t anymore.

Now, with the frenzied mob having slaked their thirst for blood, they clamoured for more. Next up on the hit list was SpaceX’s Instagram. Thankfully, Musk kept a head on his shoulders and didn’t put his social media manager completely out of a job.

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