A little bit of history….

Long before the mode of conveyance and wheels were discovered, the only mode of travel was human’s feet. Feet were precious because they took people from one place to another and their life was completely dependent on their movement in and around their surroundings. So inventing something that could be worn on one’s feet must have been an amazing discovery as it must have ensured better and more comfortable walking experience. We might never have noticed but if we stop for a moment and think then we may realize that the discovery of shoes for feet is a wonderful discovery indeed.

With the advent of shoes came the evolution of shoes and with changing times, companies were set up to manufacture and market shoes. Since ages people have worn different kinds of shoes according to their different needs but the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star easily tops the list of most famous shoes. These are the oldest and most popular all-time best selling shoes ever.

Everyone has owned a pair of converse at one or the other point of their lifetime. We have literally lived decades wearing these amazing comfortable shoes, but how many of us actually know the utility of those holes near the bottom of the shoes? Okay… forget knowing….. How many of us have actually noticed them?



If you do not know then these holes do have a purpose and are not there just for decorative purpose. The most obvious reason that one could guess on the basis of the placement of these holes is that they allow our feet to breathe more. This reduces sweating, stinky feet, painful; chaffing and rubbing.

The second reason that is far less known to the people at large is that it helps provide a better fit. You have to use these holes while lacing your shoes to give you a more comfortable and tighter fit.

To achieve this fit the lacing is done in a different way which has been described as below:

  1. The top two sets of holes are unlaced in the first step.
  2. Take a lace and pass it inside the shoes across and through to the outside of the first inner side hole.
  3. Now pass the lace through the second hole (the one which is nearer the heel)
  4. Pull it up and across back to the regular top hole which is opposite the side holes.
  5. Now concentrate on the remaining lace and pull that end through the same hole
  6. Now continue crossing the laces normally


Now that you know this simple yet amazing thing, you can easily impress your friends and family members by showing them the custom lace technique.

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