There is hardly anything that happens without a reason. It’s just that we mostly ignore small things and the reasons hidden behind their existence. Ever stared at your ceiling fan for two minutes and thought about why it doesn’t have four, five or six blades?

Well, fans with four blades do exist and are largely used in the US. No, it’s not about one’s own choice, there is a science behind it!


Ceiling fans with four blades move a large mass of air; in the US, a ceiling fan is used as a supplement for an air conditioner. Fans with four blades move slower and circulate a good amount of air. Hence, they are largely used in the US.


In India, people can hardly afford ACs for a single room and their huge power bills. Ceiling fans here are the lone appliance to create a cooling effect. A three blade fan is lighter and can move at a high speed; hence, it can give more cooling than a four blade fan.

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